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Assistance With Activities of Daily Living

  • Provide assistance with dressing, bathing, oral hygiene, and grooming
  • Cueing/reminders for self care
  • Feeding assistance for residents with complicated eating problems
  • Set-up and cut food at meals time
  • Assist with toileting and incontinent care

Dining and Nutrition

  • Provide 3 nutritional meal and 2 snacks
  • ¬†Preparing modified texture diets
  • Preparing thickened liquids
  • Preparing therapeutic diets such as cardiac, renal, diabetic, low fat/cholesterol,
    and low sodium diets
  • Calorie consumption tracking

Medication Management

  • Provide verbal or visual reminders to take regularly scheduled medications
  • Medication administration by licensed and trained unlicensed personnel
  • Medication set up by our registered nurse
  • Central medication storage
  • Administering medical cannabis (pill form) and cannabidiol for certified patients

Diabetic Management

  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Sliding scale insulin management
  • Insulin pen dosing
  • Insulin pamp management
  • Insulin syringe dosing
  • Diabetic foot/nail care

Treatments and therapies

  • Verbal or visual reminders to perform regularly scheduled treatment or exercise
  • Wound care
  • Managing C-PAP and BI-PAP
  • Administering nebulizer treatment
  • Oxygen management and oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Managing urinary catheter

Mobility Support

  • Provide standby assistance
  • Transfer with assistance of one staff
  • Transfers utilizing sliding boards
  • Ambulation with assist of one
  • Provide bed and chair mobility assistance

Security and Monitoring

  • Daily safety checks
  • Visitors check in/ check out
  • Optional residents room locks
  • Alarm and camera system

Supportive Services

  • House keeping
  • Laundry service
  • Daily social and recreational activities
  • Schedule Medical and social services
  • Assist with arranging transportation for personal, medical appointments, and social/
    recreational activity
  • Provide assistance for accessing community resources and social services

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